decoking descaling technology system

Decoking and Descaling Technology Service Guarantee

DDT is a provider of mechanical pigging to decoke fired heaters in Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. DDT is the oldest most advanced Pigging Company in the World. DDT guarantees the "Complete Removal of all Coke and Deposits" from the tubes of your fired heaters, regardless of the type of deposits. DDT will fully restore your heater tubing: thereby improving performance, increasing reliability and capacity, and empowering your refinery team to maximize process unit profitability.

As a client of DDT, you can count on:
  • Complete Deposit Removal
  • Increased Fired Heater Capacity
  • Greater Fired Heater Run-length
  • Lower Fuel Usage
  • Higher Heat Fluxes
  • Shorter Fired Heater Down-time
  • Longer Tube Life
  • Reduced Environmental Emissions
  • The oldest, and most experienced pigging company in the world
  • The only company that has patented four pump pigging trailers of 1200 HP

decoking DDT, complete coke removal
Complete Removal of All Coke Types

Work Report
DDT will provide inspection for the inlets and outlets of your heater tubes for corrosion, pitting and cleanliness. This information is available in VHS video format, providing you with a true and superior image quality of the inside of your heater tubes.